Firecone: The Ultimate Burner

The idea of instant clean burning fire anywhere captured our imagination and triggered the founding of The Firecone Company.  Could we roast a marshmallow indoors?  Make a fire anywhere? Make a shot of espresso when the power was out? Light charcoal faster than my neighbor?! 

The result: A virtually indestructible alcohol burner that is tunable to start fires or make heat without smoke, soot or ash. Each Firecone includes a base and cone set that cooperatively form adjustable inlet ports that provide tuning of the flame to various fuels and burning conditions.  Just the base has great utility but does not have a tunable flame.

Investment cast in Oregon (Titanium and Bronze models) and Korea (Steel and limited Bronze models) the fine investment cast detail and unprecedented durability makes the Firecone a must have.

Stainless (Left to right: Buffed, Not Buffed, and New)


Carbon: (Left to right: Buffed, Not Buffed, and New)