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Firecone: The Ultimate Burner

The idea of instant clean burning fire anywhere captured our imagination and triggered the founding of The Firecone Company.  Could we roast a marshmallow indoors?  Make a fire anywhere? Make a shot of espresso when the power was out? Light charcoal faster than my neighbor?!  The result: A virtually indestructible alcohol burner that is tunable to start fires

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Want a Firecone? Check out Kickstarter!

The Firecone is currently live on Kickstarter and will be funded on December 9, 2015 thanks to our backers. To support our project, please check out There are still a few Firecone’s deliverable by Christmas, and others that will be available in 2016. After the campaign ends, we will announce further product availability.

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The Uses Are Endless.

We at Firecone are pretty sure that we will never run out of new uses of the Firecone.  Here is just a few of its possibilities: Starting a Fire: Coffee/Boiling Water: Candles/Decorative: Roasting Marshmallows: Cooking Bacon (who doesn’t love bacon?), eggs or French toast?: Starting a BBQ or the famous Big Green Egg!  

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